• Parts Cleanings with Karl Roll

    With more than 300 parts cleaning machines supplied to Bosch, Karl Roll's high quality parts cleaning systems are designed in house with 90% of the system manufactured onsight for the highest quality control and flexibility. Now available with UK spares and service from Turbex and technical sales and applications from Kumi Solutions.

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  • Particle Counting made easy

    MicroQuick automatically counts, sizes and categorises metallic and non-metallic particles from your membrane. MicroQuick Produces reliable data every time with minimal calibration, meeting VDA19 & ISO-16232 inspection standards. MicroQuick allows you to conduct analysis automatically in minutes, saving you lots of valuable time, at a cost that makes sense. MicroQuick makes life easy.

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  • Quality, low drag out coolant– long life low odour

    Manufacturing technical components involves many challenges. Process reliability remains vital, and a top priority, but not at the expense of cost. Oest Performance lubricants made to meet that priority. The very best cutting performance guarantees a long and predictable tool life. Intensive site development ensures stable and state-of-the-art formulations are developed and are future- proof.

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  • Fast, accurate, concentration measurement

    Do you have wet processes in your business? Are you using titration to measure the concentration? Teqwave from Endress & Hauser is a fast, accurate and easy way to measure concentration.

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Kumi help precision manufacturers improve and prove cleanliness standards

Efficiency and Productivity are today’s business buzzwords. At Kumi Solutions, we are all about helping you improve both, working with you in the niche industrial applications of parts cleaning and part cleanliness. By using decades of engineering experience, we aim to solve customer problems and manufacturing pinch points with a range of products and skills:

  • Automating processes to free up expertise
  • Reliable, repeatable results every time
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Greater efficiency

Unlike other solution providers, our solutions are production engineering-driven. Improving output quality while freeing up valuable time for skilled staff to focus on your business.

We love solving problems faced by precision manufacturers

Working collaboratively with our customers, we endeavour to solve the engineering challenges of cost reduction, labour efficiency and component output quality.

Combining our customer’s intimate knowledge of their products and our expertise and know-how, we identify cost-effective, simple solutions to transform the Cost of One into the Value of Many through the introduction of carefully selected OEM partner products.

Some of our happy customers...

Client: Clamason Industries

Systems that do the job I want at a price that made sense

Clamason Industies are very happy with the sales approach and technical support from Kumi Solutions. They have supplied four advanced parts degreasing machines and a MicroQuick system over the last 12 years.

It delivered everything we needed

We saw a MicroQuick demonstration from Kumi Solutions and quickly realised this system delivered everything we needed quickly, efficiently and at a price that was undoubtedly justified.

Client: Global Automotive Supplier