Kumi Solutions - Solving cleaning and cleanliness related problems faced by precision manufacturers

A history of delivering outstanding solutions to our customers.

Customers come and stay with us because we solve their engineering challenges. We work collaboratively by using sound engineering standards and high-quality products. Our solutions offer long term benefits that include reducing business limiting factors such as maintenance, energy, productivity and uptime performance.

Our logo, the interlocking triangles of success, represents the Customer’s intimate knowledge of their products—our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) technical excellence in their field of expertise, and Kumi Solutions passion for solving manufacturing challenges. As a team, we solve problems and deliver solutions that all three interlocking parties are confident to provide and receive.

For two decades, customer retention has come naturally through a bilateral partnership built on a friendly, trustworthy relationship that is ethical and customer-focused. We work with you to find the solutions that solve your challenges.

We work directly from our UK base in the Midlands. We have delivered more than £10 million of equipment and services to Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Semiconductor, Building and White goods businesses in the UK, Ireland, EU and the USA.