Kumi Solutions - Solving cleaning and cleanliness related problems faced by precision manufacturers

Kumi has a history of helping precision manufacturers improve and prove cleanliness standards.

Kumi combines sound engineering standards and high-quality parts cleaning and particle counting products to provide solutions to meet maintenance, energy, productivity and uptime performance expectations. Customer retention has come naturally through a bilateral partnership built on a friendly, trustworthy relationship that is ethical and customer-focused relationship. Kumi works directly from our UK base in the Midlands. We have delivered more than £10 million of equipment and services to Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Semiconductor, Building and White goods businesses in the UK, Ireland, EU and the USA.

Our strengths are our first-hand experience of problems faced by customers. For example, we have run and operated subcontract cleaning operations and repaired and serviced our machines when they have broken down, and the pressure is on to get the product out of the door. The combination of first-hand experience and a production engineering background means we are technically knowledgeable and use that knowledge in partnership with the clients’ expert knowledge of their products and processes.

A few key moments in our companies history

  • 2002 founded and managed by Simon and Jeni Graham with the remit to enter aerospace and automotive tier, suppliers
  • 2004 – following 18 months of research, Rolls-Royce Inchinnan selects Kumi Solutions to supply Pero solvent degreasing systems
  • 2006/2008/2010 – Rolls- Royce purchased additional machines for Lancashire, the West Midlands and Indianapolis
  • 2009 – Became a technical member of the MTA (The Manufacturing Technology Association)
  • 2010 – Rolls-Royce start the approval process for Dowclene 1601 with Kumi Solutions & Safechem
  • 2012 – Dowclene 1601 was approved for use as a parts degreasing solvent by Rolls-Royce under NTS-322
  • 2012 – After two years of trials and approvals, United Technologies Corp purchased their first Pero dowclene 1601 machine.
  • 2012 – 2022 Collins purchases six degreasers for the UK and one for Poland.
  • 2016 – Kumi Solutions becomes parts cleaning technical member of the BTMA (British Turned Parts Manufacturing Association)
  • 2021 – Kumi Solutions becomes a commercial member of the CBM (Confederation of British Metalforming)
  • 2022 – In January, we begin working with Turbex and Karl Roll acting as Product Manager – Solvent Systems
  • 2022 – April – Collins selects Karl Roll for a new solvent degreaser to replace their first Pero machine, continuing the long-standing relationship with Kumi Solutions.

Unlike some suppliers who present a product and sell it as the panacea to all their wows,  customers work and stay with Kumi Solutions because we take time to understand their engineering challenges first. Then present the best solution from our wide range of aqueous and solvent systems.  By remaining focused on the customer’s problem, we ensure our clients receive the right process for their parts cleaning activities.  One that delivers clean parts, in the right cycle time, with minimal effort or maintenance demands.

Our logo, the interlocking triangles of success, represents the Customer’s intimate knowledge of their products—our Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs) technical excellence in their field of expertise, and Kumi Solutions’ passion and experience in solving parts cleaning and cleanliness challenges.

As a team, we solve problems and deliver solutions that all three interlocking parties are confident to provide and receive.

For two decades, customer retention has come naturally through a bilateral partnership built on a friendly, trustworthy relationship that is ethical and customer-focused. We work with you to find the solutions that solve your challenges.