Privacy Policy

At Kumi Solutions, we take privacy seriously and always do our utmost to protect any data we gather from customers and prospective customers online. We only collect data we regard as necessary to carry out our services for our customers to the highest possible standards.

What types of information do we collect from customers?

The types of information we collect from customers include:

  • Names
  • Address details
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses

How do we use this information?

We use the information we have gathered to provide our customers with our services. From time to time, we may also use the information we have collected to keep our customers up-to-date with the latest news and information. If you wish to opt out of any marketing communications, please let us know using this website’s contact details.

Do we share this information?

With your permission, we may share your information with our principles to facilitate a project with you.  Such as prepare a quotation, ship goods directly to you, provide aftersales support.

How do we store this information?

Data such as customer names and address details are stored on paper in a filing cabinet in our office and digitally on our office computers. Our office is secure, and we take every reasonable precaution to ensure our customer’s data is safe.

How long do we keep information?

The length of time we keep any information we gather depends on the type of information and whether we need to keep it to provide a high-quality service. Information such as customer names and addresses, which we need to keep to give our customers ongoing support, is kept until we no longer feel the information is required.

How do we dispose of the information we have gathered?

We always dispose of all data securely. All paper documents are shredded before being disposed of. Our digital data is permanently destroyed and hard drives etc. removed before computers are disposed of or recycled. if you wish for your data to be deleted please make a request through our website contact details, adding “Remove my details in the message box” or similar.

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Why Do We Use Cookies?

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