• Elmasonic Easy US bath

    The Elmasonic EASY series includes 9 units of different sizes and is characterized by simple, user-friendly operation. With 100 % ultrasonic power at a frequency of 37 kHz, the Pulse-function and visual warning. The Elmasonic EASY solves typical cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently. The activatable Pulse-function is suited to remove tenacious, mineral soiling and polishing pastes.

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  • Elmasonic P-Range

    The Elmasonic P is the ideal unit for professional applications in analytical and medical laboratories and in industrial production processes. The unit series consists of 6 different unit sizes with tank capacities ranging from 2.75 to 28 litre. Microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic cleaning with multi-frequency technology (37/80 kHz) and special features are perfect for intensive cleaning tasks and laboratory applications.

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  • Elmasonic Xtra ST floor standing baths

    Robust systems for the workshop. Ideal for the production environment. Units from 30 - 255 Litres. Elmasonic xtra ST devices are rated for continuous operation under the highest operational demands. The tanks are made of special stainless steel, which makes them robust with a long service life. In single-shift operation, they are guaranteed a warranty period of three years.

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  • Elmasonic Xtra TT floor standing baths

    Elmasonic xtra TT tabletop ultrasonic devices are designed for use in production environments, workshops and servicing. Features like the permanently integrated sweep function, the switchable dynamic function or the individually settable limit temperature with LED warning indicator make the cleaning of parts in day to day work much easier. All functions and cleaning parameters like time and heating preselection and ultrasonic frequency are set via the user-friendly on the control panel.

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  • Elmasonic Select ultrasonic baths

    Powerful and individual - these are the ultrasonic cleaning devices of the Elmasonic Select series. Equipped with 37 kHz ultrasonic frequency, 5 ultrasonic modes, the possibility to save up to 4 cleaning programmes, a heating and tank volumes from 3 to 90 litres. Practical accessories such as baskets, noise protection box, holders, etc. ensure the best cleaning results and make cleaning easier.

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Making small parts ultrasonic cleaning easy and reliable.

Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners

Traditionally, ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency, high-intensity sound waves to generate microscopic cavitation bubbles in deionised, distilled, or purified water to dislodge contaminants from the surface of parts.

Recently, the liquids used have changed into a more chemical-based solution. This demand for increased cleanliness in parts has been driven by increasingly sophisticated technology.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a technology unique in its ability to remove contaminants that other technologies cannot remove and, in its ability, to effectively clean areas that are not accessible using other technologies.

Elma started life in 1948 as a precision machine factory. Their founder, the watchmaker Hans Schmidbauer, moved from making watches to making ‘electric machines’.

Elmasonic xtra ST -xtra robust and xtra cleaning performance for heavy-duty parts cleaning applications

Elmasonic xtra ST floor-mounted ultrasonic devices are designed for use in a production environment, workshops and servicing. The
wide range of features makes it easy and effective to work with these devices. You can easily remove even stubborn contaminants, like
polishing pastes, at 25 kHz. At 45 kHz, you can gently clean and degrease sensitive surface materials. Using the switchable Sweep-,
Pulse- and Dynamic-functions, you can achieve even more effective cleaning results. All functions and cleaning parameters like time
and heating preselection and ultrasonic frequency are arranged user-friendly on the control panel on the front of the device where
users can set and monitor them at a glance.

  • Mobile single-tank devices of 8 sizes.
  • Volumes from 30 – 255 litres
  • sizes from 330 x 300 x 300mm to 750 x 650 x 520mm
  • constructed from stainless steel.
  • 25/45 kHz multi-frequency technology
  • For cleaning stubborn contaminations and sensitive surfaces with one device
  • Switchable Dynamic-, Pulse- and Sweep-functions for more ultrasonic performance
  • Long-lasting, robust devices with tanks made of special stainless steel
  • Easy and clear to operate,
  • protected against spraying water

Elmasonic Select – Powerful ultrasonic baths for parts cleaning

Available in 16 different sizes ranging from 0.8 to 90.0 litres maximum filling volume. They are equipped with an ultrasonic frequency of 37 kHz, functions like Sweep, Degas and Auto-Start and are thus very versatile.

Features include:

  • Ultrasonic frequency of 37 kHz
  • Sweep-function for an optimum sound field distribution in the cleaning bath and even ultrasonic effect
  • Degas-function for quick degassing of cleaning liquids and for special applications in the laboratory
  • Auto-Start-function: When the preselected temperature is reached, the device starts in a normal ultrasound mode
  • Pause-function to interrupt an application
  • Adjustable temperature from 30° to 80°C (not with Elmasonic Select 10/H)
  • Pre-selection of cleaning time with continuous operation or individually adjustable from 1 to 30 min
  • Fill level marking
  • From Elmasonic Select 30/H on all devices have a useful drain for the cleaning liquid on their backside
  • Sound-absorbing plastic lid accelerates – when placed on the device – the heating. Upside down, the lid can be used as a drip tray for baskets and cleaned parts

Elmasonic xtra TT – Powerful tabletop ultrasonic cleaning baths that are in a class of their own.

These are tabletop devices designed for use in production environments, workshops and servicing. Their body is made from stainless steel which gives them a robust and long service life. With their ultrasonic performance at 37 kHz, Elmasonic xtra TT devices are rated for continuous heavy-duty operation.

All functions and cleaning parameters such as time and heating pre-selection and the ultrasonic frequency are arranged on the user-friendly front control panel where users can set and monitor them at a glance.

  • Permanently integrated Sweep function for uniform distribution of the ultrasonic effect in the entire ultrasonic bath.
  • Switchable Dynamic function increases the peak ultrasonic performance.
  • This improves the effectiveness of cleaning and makes it possible to remove even the most stubborn contaminants.
  • Individually settable limit temperature with LED warning indicator on reaching the temperature.
  • Sensitive parts like jewellery or plastic parts are handled gently.
  • Clearly arranged control unit, that is protected from spraying water.
  • Temperature-controlled Auto-Start function:
  • The ultrasound starts automatically when the preselected temperature is reached.
  • User safety with safety shutdown

The P-Series ultrasonic bath from Elma

The units are more powerful than standard ultrasonic cleaning units, and the ultrasonic power can be reduced electronically depending on the cleaning task.

P-series Overview

  • ultrasonic tank made of cavitation-proof stainless steel
  • casing made of stainless steel, hygienic and easy to clean
  • sandwich-type performance transducer systems
  • two ultrasonic frequencies, switchable in one unit: 37 kHz and 80 kHz
  • 37 kHz: for the removal of coarse contaminations and for mixing, dissolving, dispersing and degassing
  • 80 kHz: perfect for the cleaning of capillaries and for the use in quiet work areas, prolonged cleaning period
  • automatic frequency switch-over for simultaneous coarse and fine cleaning
  • activatable Sweep mode for an optimised sound field distribution within the cleaning bath
  • activatable Pulse mode for an intensified ultrasonic cleaning power, additional ultrasonic power up to 20%
  • activatable Degas mode for the quick degassing of HPLC samples or solvents and of fresh cleaning liquids
  • Auto Degas mode for an automatic degassing cycle, e.g. for fresh cleaning liquids
  • ultrasonic power variable for sensitive surfaces
  • temperature-controlled ultrasonic operation: ultrasound starts automatically as soon as the preset temperature is reached
  • indication of unit settings (e.g. set and actual values) by alphanumerical display
  • saving of the last unit settings at switch-off
  • electronic turning knobs
  • drain duct mounted to the unit rear, operation of the drain duct on the unit side
  • automatic stirring during heating-up process
  • pluggable mains cable
  • automatic safety switch-off after 12 h operation to prevent unintended permanent operation
  • automatic safety switch-off at 90 °C to protect the cleaning items against excess temperatures

Elmasonic EASY – The simple ultrasonic parts cleaning bath

Simple to operate systems, with nine tank sizes are available,

  • More power with Pulse-function for mineral soiling and polishing pastes.
  • Visual limit temperature warning to protect sensitive parts.
  • Easy handling with safety shutdown for more user safety

Product features:
● efficient 37 kHz ultrasonic high-performance transducers
● cleaning tank made of cavitation-resistant stainless steel
● user-friendly and clearly arranged operating panel; sealed against liquid intrusion to protect the electronics
● LED display for ultrasonic function
● rotary switch for easy preselection of the cleaning time
● continuous operating or short-term operation between 1 and 30 minutes
● permanent sweep function for optimized sound field distribution through frequency modulation
● dry-run protected heating
● temperature selectable by the rotary switch; from 30°C to 80°C in increments of 5°C (for H units)
● LED display for heating operation (for H units)
● detachable power cord with IEC plug
● selectable temperature threshold with alarm
● automatic safety shutdown after 8 hours of continuous operation
● automatic safety shutdown at a bath temperature of 90 °C
● „Pulse“ function