We specialise in solving parts cleaning and cleanliness related problems for precision manufacturers

Kumi Solutions has solved many problems for customers with surprising but straightforward solutions. With a comprehensive range of lubricants, our cleaning expertise, particle counting and flexible work holding. Kumi Solutions experience and product range help solve your cleaning and cleanliness related challenges.

Particle Counting, Sizing and Categorising

VDA19 – ISO16232 particle counting made as easy as one, two, three. Simply place the prepared membrane in the scanner and: –Kumi Solutions - MicroQuick particle analysis

  1. Run the prescan
  2. Run the main scan
  3. Run the reporting software.

The primary scanning process takes two and a half minutes, even for thousands of particles. The pre-scan is just a few seconds. The facility to create templates and generate reports takes just minutes. It takes only five minutes from start to finish to produce detailed reports.

400+ global customers from SME’s to Blue Chip Corporations already enjoy the MicroQuick particle counting scanner’s benefits. Why not take a more in-depth look at the worlds most straightforward Particle Counting System?

Oest the BIG Company Coming to the UK

Oest Cutting fluids from Kumi SolutionsThe Oest group of companies is a 350 million Euro turnover business with multiple business areas covering lubrication, fuels and fuel delivery, energy and mechanical engineering. Some of their world-class expertise includes: –

Lubricants – high-quality engineering fluids for: –

  •  The Industrial sectors metal cutting and metal forming.
  • Automotive applications such a passenger and commercial vehicle lubricants.
  • A range of specialist oils suitable for classic automobiles.

Energy – Environmentally sound Eco fuels for: –

  • Eco 2 stroke fuels
  • Eco four-stroke fuels
  • Eco diesel fuels
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Wind Energy

Fuel Stations

  • Oest is a founding partner in AVIA fuel stations. AVIA now has over 3000 stations throughout mainland Europe.

Mechanical Engineering

  • A specialised division of Oest that produces machinery for the precise delivery of adhesives and fluids in the bonding of wood and sandwich construction

Plastic work holding for factory mobility and degreasing application.

Working hand in hand with solvent degreasing machine producers, FRIES of Austria have developed a range of modular plastic work holding. The system enables manufacturers to save time, reduced handling and the damage that can occur, including bruises, scratches and fingerprints. There are two product ranges covering parts washing baskets with: –

  •  600 x 400 x 400mm
  • 530 x 320 x 200mm

Called TechRACK and TechTRAY, these systems are stackable, transportable and make ideal storage and working tray for the components journey from the CNC machine to the Packaging Department and the steps in between.

Cleaning Q&A articles to solve cleaning related challenges.

Looking at introducing a cleaning system to your business, or are you struggling with an existing process? Why take a look through our Q&A Cleaning Expertise section to find some of the common issues explained and solved?