Fries work holding - saving time , money and avoid scrapping parts.

It’s a well know fact that rotating work during the washing cycle improves the final cleaning results. Fewer organics, such as oils and greases, remain. Minimal sticky organic residues and improved media flow dramatically reduce the number of particulates left on the parts. Once clean, components must be dried and again rotating the parts improves drying efficiency and the time taken to complete the complete washing cycle.

Problems are compounded when the parts to be cleaned are sensitive to damage. Soft metals such as brass, aluminium, and copper bruise easily, which is highly undesirable for many applications.

So what’s the solution? FRIES of Austria have developed a simple but effective solution for use in aqueous and solvent degreasing systems. It’s a modular plastic system that allows users to populate a plastic tray with clip-in rails to produce pockets large enough to take a single component.  In the image, the FRIES TechTray is configured for a single part design. Further down the page, you will see TechTray configured for a kit of parts.

For example, the CNC operator places components into individual pockets/pegs as they come off the machine. Once filled the next empty tray stacks on top, forming a lid to the tray below. Now cleaning with rotation is possible without damaging the components. With enough trays filled, they are placed into a wash rack or skeleton basket and put into the degreaser. After cleaning, trays get delivered to the next process station or inspection department. Post-inspection the parts, still in their trays, can move to the packing department for shipping.

Page Summary

  • Reduce part handling by up to 60%
  • Minimise the number of egg cartons
  • Long life and low cost
  • Oil, coolant and solvent compatible
  • Modular system
  • 3 heights for different size parts
  • make pockets down to 5 x 5mm