ISO-17025 Laboratory Services

RJL Micro & Analytics primary objective is to provide reliable and repeatable data alongside great customer service.

Kumi Solutions, (their UK Exclusive Agent), shares this ethos and seeks to improve on the current capabilities of our customers, by developing relationships with like-minded businesses such as RJL Analytics. Enhanced customer experience incorporating the additional services that reduce:-

  • Component failure,
  • Identifying foreign substances, and material inclusions.
  • Actual versus CAD data comparisons
  • Analysis of ageing, corrosion and oxidation of components
  • Error analysis in the delamination of coatings and paints

Services available through Kumi Solutions on a Pay as You Go provision are:-

Technical Cleanliness – RJL’s specialist competence in analysing component cleanliness. Their test laboratory is equipped to the highest standard and operates following the automotive road vehicle cleanliness standards ISO-16232, VDA-19 and specific customer standards.

Extraction of Surface Contamination – Residual particle extraction from the supplied component surface by rinsing, spraying, and required ultrasound. The solid particles are collected onto a membrane by vacuum filtration, ready for further analysis using the extracted media.

Gravimetry of Residual Oil Mass – Used in the detection of foreign fluids and waxes left on cleaned parts.  Careful distillation and evaporation are used to separate the flushing liquid and contaminating lubricants (mineral and synthetic) as well as other processing additives. Separation enables the identification of individual foreign fluids, which in turn enable the client to identify and rectify sources.

Measurement of Particle Number and Size – Determining the particle count and dimensions via analysing the membrane with a MicroQuick scanner or light microscope. MicroQuick is a very quick scanner and easy to operate, scanners are very suitable for formal analysis according to VDA-19.1 & ISO-16232 and their application in industrial production settings to monitor control component cleanliness.

Granulometry with Material Typification – Material Typification is analysis employing an automated scanning electron microscope and elemental analysis (SEM-EDX). Over and above number and size, this process also provides a singular typification of materials, permitting the particles’ origin to be precisely constrained.

3D Particle Measurement – In the sphere of cleanliness analysis, the current tendency is to shift in the direction of particle spatial measurements. Individual particle thickness and volume are becoming essential parameters of interest and X-Ray microtomography enables the investigation of particle features in great detail.

Page Summary

ISO-17025 Laboratory Services from RJL Micro & Analytic. Services available: –

  • Cleanliness to VDA 19 and ISO 16232
  • 3D Particle Measurement
  • Granulometry with Material Typification
  • Gravimetry of Residual Oil Mass
  • X-Ray Microtomography
  • SEM EDX Identification of Particles
  • SEM-EDX non-conformance analytics
  • SEM EDX non-metallic inclusions in steels