RJL MicroQuick Accessories

Using the right particle extraction equipment is an essential step to achieving a stable process of testing. RJL has put together a package that allows VDA16 ISO16232 analysis without breaking the bank.

Spending a lot of money on automated enclosed systems to prepare membranes is very easy, but unnecessary when you follow the procedures laid out in standards like ISO-16232. Along with RJL’s package of equipment, Kumi Solutions has included additional options such as precision balances, hotplate and laboratory oven to enable users to prepare membranes for use with your MicroQuick or light microscope.

Assembled and operated in your cleanroom environment, you can use standard MicroEx equipment package to: –

  • Establish the blank values through the decay analysis method.
  • Prepare membranes for the testing of component cleanliness.
  • Run cleanliness MicroQuick particle counting scans and reports.

You can learn more about these processes by signing up for our Particle Analysis Course.

Page Summary

Available from Kumi Solutions to compliment the MicroQuick particle counter.

  • Low-cost VDA 19 compliant particle extraction to enable new users to get started quickly without high investment.
  • Hotplates and Laboratory ovens
  • Precision balances
  • Consumables including membranes, dishes etc