MicroQuick Particle Scanner - An easy to use, stable system for quickly delivering counted and categorised particle data. Suitable for all industries including those requiring VDA 19 or ISO-16232 standards

Particle analysis is now a commonplace requirement within component manufacturing environments such as automotive, aerospace, white goods, semiconductor, and medical industries.

Light microscopes traditionally are a slow technical process requiring skilled staff to operate and can be very expensive. These systems require regular calibration and maintenance to deliver the required performance every time.  Many light microscopes come with a plethora of functions and features that many operators may never use, adding unnecessary cost to an already expensive system.

The convoluted route used to produce an image requires a sequential analysis process that delivers fragmented fields. These fields need stitching together to create the final image. Any mismatching of the images can translate into imperfect data generation.  Maintaining accuracy required to align images accurately requires constant and precise calibration. If not, particles spanning images may be viewed as two separate smaller particles resulting in a cleanliness pass and if detected by the customer, rejection, costing time, money and reputation.

The cost of purchase and labour required to use and maintain light microscopes makes them expensive and not as productive as business owners would like.

Should your Quality Engineers spend hours manually studying membranes?  Or should they put their skills to better use, working to optimise your manufacturing processes? If like us, you believe improving manufacturing processes is more desirable, MicroQuick could be the perfect step towards freeing up staff time to focus on business optimisation.

MicroQuick changes particle scanning forever

ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and entrepreneurial business, RJL Micro & Analytical of Germany, solved issues such as system and labour costs without sacrificing quality or ability to deliver VDA 19 and ISO-16232 results, quickly and efficiently with the development of the MicroQuick particle scanner. It was benchmarked against light microscopes by the world-renowned Fraunhofer Institute and a separate study by Bosch against light microscopes used in their business. Both organisations found the MicroQuick to be highly commendable.

In 2014 the MicroQuick Particle Scanner was specified as a standard technology for particle analysis in cleanliness testing in the VDA-19.1:2015 directive and ISO-16232:2018.  The MicroQuick Particle Scanner is a new breed of the modern particle counting, sizing and categorising system. With hundreds of systems already delivered, the MicroQuick Particle Scanner has become the go-to system for many Blue Chip companies and their tier suppliers.

By using the unique approach of scanning the particle covered membrane to produce a single image. makes regular calibration no longer a critical requirement for maintenance. So stable is the system it only requires an occasional audit to prove it remains calibrated. Taking around two and a half minutes a MicroQuick Audit is just as quick as a regular scan.

RJL has automated the particle scanning process to the point that anybody can use the system with confidence after a short training session.