Parts Cleaning Expertise Q&A Library

For many years, customers have come to Kumi Solutions, having analysed their current degreasing capabilities to improve their degreasing abilities and resolve technical challenges.  We have solved those problems, removing the thorny topic from weekly production meetings. With over £10 million worth of equipment and services delivered in the UK, Europe and the US, Kumi Solutions has the experience and expertise you need.

If you have a specific problem, why not raise it via our contact page and we’ll endeavour to give you a concrete answer you can work with to solve your dilemma. Below are just some of the topics that will be covered by Kumi Solutions for you.

General Parts Cleaning Topics

Specific Parts-Cleaning Challenges

  • Why is my vapour generator foaming in my solvent machine?
  • Why have I got stains on my cleaned parts when using a solvent degreasing machine?
  • My aqueous degreasing machine keeps producing stained parts.
  • I’m using perchloroethylene but still, get fingerprint stains on brass parts. Why?
  • I still have bits of swarf trapped in components.
  • Can I clean mixed metals without creating problems?
  • How do I prevent damage from metal to metal contact during cleaning?
  • How do I clean oil from porous parts?

Manufacturing Oils and Cleaning Outcomes

  • Unexpected rust appeared in a very short time on machined cast iron
  • Components going rusty in storage
  • Dark stains on machined parts
  • Separation of oil results in a creamy surface after some time without disturbance.
  • Coolant life is very short and there are bad smells, corrosion, low ph foaming problems
  • Hydrophobic grease like deposits in the coolant tank or floating on the surface of the coolant
  • Massive white particles floating on the coolant short term after mixing fresh emulsions
  • Foam accumulation in coolant tank or on the filter due to coolants foaming behaviour

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