MicroQuick a fast and easy to use, stable system for quick particle counting, sizing and categorising particle data.

MicroQuick – Particle Counting made easy. Suitable for all industries, including those requiring VDA 19 or ISO-16232 standards.

How does it work – Using modified scanning equipment, MicroQuick produces a single image from one pass over the membrane.  Scanning the 47mm diameter membrane results in an average file size of 200Mb.  The file is converted into digital data and is imported to the included MicroReporter software.  The collected data is used by the software to particle count, size and categories the particles automatically and quickly with minimal user nitervention.  The video below shows the simple process of producing the scan with just a few clicks.

Once imported into the MicroReporter software, users can quickly generate the final report producing a three-page report with header information, that covers the testers and clients details.  The method of particle extraction used, along with gravimetry details.  The results page displays the results in table form and can be separated into glossy and matt particles.  Glossy is typically regarding as metallics.  Finally, the MicroGallery features the image of the membrane overlaid with numbers highlighting the position of the particles of interest.  Below this image, depending on settings, is 5-100 images of the individual images of each particle.  Against each particle image, is any relevant information about the particle.

Quick Summary 

  • MicroQuick particle scanner
  • Size, count, categorise particles
  • VDA19 Approved
  • ISO16232 Approved
  • Quick scanning time
  • Easy report generation
  • Simple to use software
  • Low cost compared to automated light microscopes
  • Used by numerous Tier 1&2 automotive producers