Pero Parts Cleaning Systems

There’s fierce solvent degreasing machine competition in the UK market.  We all want your valuable custom.  So what is it that keeps Pero customers coming back? As we all know repeat business only comes about when our customers are happy and their solvent degreasing machines performing reliably with repeatable quality at its heart.  Backed up by quality after-sales support and value for money.  Kumi Solutions consistently achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and continuously strive to improve on our own high expectations.

Solvent Degreasing Machine Highlights:

  • All processes take place under a vacuum
  • Efficient processing to meet high cleanliness standards
  • Virtually no emissions – extremely low solvent consumption and extra safety for people and the environment
  • Low process temperatures – no degradation of the solvent
  • Low power consumption
  • Efficient use of resources thanks to solvent treatment in a closed system – long solvent lifetime
  • Heat recovery – baths are heated by solvent vapour

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Aqueous Parts Cleaning Systems –

For the intermediate or final cleaning to the required cleanliness standard, PERO offers tailor-made cleaning units run with aqueous solutions and operated at atmospheric pressure:

  • Turntable units for spray cleaning (primarily used for single part cleaning)
  • Spray-cleaning units with horizontally rotating frames (baskets, racks, single parts)
  • Chamber units for multi-stage immersion cleaning (baskets, racks, single parts)
  • Spray cleaning units for large parts
  • Tunnel cleaning units, also known as conveyor units (for spray cleaning of single parts in series production)

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