Teqwave from Endress & Hauser

Endress and Hauser - Teqwave T _ D9TB portable for the monitoring of concentration levels at multiple machinesTeqwave – Real-time concentration measurement of fluids

Teqwave is an ultrasonic based device for the single point or continuous measurement of fluid concentration levels. Each liquid combination has an acoustic fingerprint that Teqwave tracks and monitors in real-time, enabling much tighter control of your wet processes with minimal effort and great ROI.

The applications are many, but some of the common uses are: –

  • Detergent levels in aqueous cleaning plants.
  • Monitoring cleaning fluids to understand filtration performance.
  • Polymer quenching applications.
  • Citric acid baths.
  • Fluid cross-contamination, such as leaking heat exchangers.
  • Plating and coating line baths

Challenges of traditional titration methods

Many process concentration levels are controlled by titration, which:-

❌can be a slow process,
❌involves some nasty test fluids,
❌requires trained staff to carry out the test
❌can be somewhat subjective,
❌allows human error to creep in when manually recording data.
❌is a single point test for the here and now,
❌even tested daily, your fluids may be outside spec. almost a day.

The customer benefits of Teqwave, on the other hand, are: –

✔removes uncertainty through continuous measurement,
✔reduces H&S risks.
✔improves your environmental credentials.
✔Flags up non-conformance at the point it happens.
✔Option to immediately adjust levels via the system outputs.
✔Optional monitoring of a second concentration.
✔Deliver real ROI in a matter of months.

If you spend time measuring fluid concentration levels within your business, why not contact me for more information and a demonstration? Save time, reduce cost and improve your processes.

Page Summary

  • Measure 1 or 2 fluids in a base fluid
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Effective replacement of titration
  • Manufacturing 4.0 ready
  • Improves process control
  • Wash baths
  • Polymer Quenching
  • Citric acid baths
  • Glycol
  • Heat exchanger leaks
  • and many more!